How to Dress Athletically While on

Inspiration for Style from the Winter Olympics

Every two years, the Olympics take place and display the most fashionable athletes in each of their individual sports. Designers have incorporated the sporty trend into their Spring and Fall designs as a result of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. In their runway presentations, Tommy Hilfiger, Louise Goldin, Marc by Marc Jacobs, James Long, Rebecca Minkoff, DKNY, Milly, and Prada all exhibited dégagé aesthetics.


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Field tennis and football were the two major sports that competitors focused on. Victoria Beckham and Louise Goldin Ready To Wear featured ultramodern reinterpretations of the timeless tennis dress. This garment is ideal for the summer, and their designs focused on both dresses and separates. Varsity looks with added numbers or letters are another essential visual component of the athletic trend and are still quite popular at retail.

The traditional football jersey has been observed in advance, but this time there are new upscale performances, and this item has previously been seen on the main streets of important fashion centres across the world, including Paris and New York. It’s a fantastic item that may be dressed up to improve a casual appearance. There are roughly longer length football jersey dresses that look amazing with a motorcycle jacket and a pair of leggings, and they may be worn with a pair of swain jeans. This season, an embossed design with Alexander Wang’s name has become popular.

Most collections seem as though they have important sports-inspired elements or specifics. Prada’s fashions had a vintage 1970s basketball edge thanks to banded caricature or flat knit trim. While polo shirt details appeared at tommy hilfiger barbati, the hoodie was featured at DKNY and Milly.

At Marc by Marc Jacobs, the fabric and colour of the bomber jacket and spa films were simplified. The bomber has seen in cropped and sheer versions at Lacoste and sporty hustler Vera Wang. For a sporadic take on this style, Rebecca Minkoff blended sporty stripes, vibrant active hues, bold plates, and divergent designs. Some designers are taking a little safer approach by just adding a side stripe with a difference to give pants a track pant vibe.

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