Mobile Phone Reviews – The vivo V20

The all new Vivo V20 has been one of the most talked about phones available from the Chinese manufacturer. Despite this, the phone is priced at a good deal. At over $700, it’s one of the more inexpensive phones available. The key selling point for this device is its combination of Android and Apple familiarity. The comparisons to other smartphones fall into place with the V20 being very much like the iPhone in many ways.

The most apparent difference between the vivo v20 and other smartphones is its similarity with the iPhone in the way that it comes equipped with the iPhone’s FaceID sensor. The absence of an imageforming camera on the front-facing camera of the vivo v20 is probably the reason why it’s priced so low. You can however obtain an external camera if you wish to take photos and videos that don’t have the face recognition.

Like the iPhone, the vivo v20 comes with an external keyboard which is also protected by a self-healing silicone skin. The phone’s biggest different however is in the form of the 6.5 inch amoled screen which adds a noticeable size to the phone’s overall dimensions. The aspect ratio is also similar to that of the iPhone and its result is a phone that looks very similar to many of the top-end smartphones currently available in the market.

One area where the vivo V20 differs from the iPhone is the battery life. The phone lasts an hour and a half less on the average when using the cellular network. This is as a result of the phone utilizing the Adreno architecture which allows the device to operate more efficiently without the use of the larger screen which generally consumes more power. However, the improvement in battery life does mean that the lifespan of the battery is reduced as the cell works harder to maintain the charge levels. This short battery life can be seen by many users as one of the sacrifices made in favor of the larger LCD screen.

Camera wise, the vivo v20 has the same quality as many high end smartphones and cameras. However, there are a couple of things that set the device apart from the competition. The first being the superior facial recognition which allows for easier searching of images even when the scene is not clear. Another important feature is the quick launch keys which allow the user to launch the camera within a fraction of a second. One other difference is the lack of a flash and this may well be seen as a negative point. Other complaints relate to the lack of sound recording capabilities and poor battery life, but these are minor points.

In the front of the camera, the vivo v20 has two cameras on one side – one with an optical zoom and another with a digital zoom. This allows the user to switch between the two to take their best picture. One other important addition is the Selfie mode which allows the user to take a self shot which then becomes an image instantly shown on the phone’s live wallpaper. This allows the user to experiment with different effects and colours. The main difference with the front facing Selfie camera compared to others is that the motion activated shot is much faster but also lacks a flash.

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